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Halloween Dance Party with David Burbine Band at Sea Dog Friday

The David Burbine Band has become one of the favourite tickets on the South Shore and they return to Shelburne for the fourth annual Halloween Dance Party at the Sea Dog on Halloween Night, Friday, October 31.

David comes by his love for music honestly by starting on the accordion at age 8 and then the guitar at age 14. Four years later, he began playing in a traditional country band, which carried on for five years.

U-brew, U-vints coming to province?

Final Step Cleared in Legalization

Government has approved regulations that officially provide U-Vints and U-Brews legal status in the province, accoring to a news release Wednesday.

These regulations will help develop a sustainable and competitive environment for operators and customers who want to make their own beer and wine, says the release.

New Limitations Act Changes Time Limits to Sue

A new Limitations of Actions Act introduced Wednesday will eliminate time limits for victims of sexual assault and domestic violence who want to file lawsuits, according to a government news release. It will also set standard time limits for filing other civil lawsuits.

Limitation periods put a cap on the length of time people have to sue. The existing act gives a one-year limitation period for sexual assault claims. There are a variety of exceptions that could suspend the limitation period, but they are difficult to understand and apply.

No jail time for Anderson on multiple fraud charges?

4 months each of house arrest, curfew and probation sought by Crown
Anderson claims $100 million in development under his reign

More ISA woes for Cooke Aqua

As the New Brunswick-based multinational Cooke Aquaculture moves to substantially increase its footprint in Chile, the government fisheries agency there announced Tuesday that yet another Cooke salmon farm has been infected by the deadly ISA virus. The site holds 620,000 fish.

NDP says Grits blocking FOIPOP chief from Committee appearance

NDP leader Maureen MacDonald says in a Tuesday news release that she is concerned Nova Scotia’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Review Officer is being blocked from appearing at the provincial Human Resources committee.

Craft Brewers to wet the whistle of local economies

Feds, Province put $60,000 in the pot
Industry pegged to grow 700% in 15 years

"Cheap shots" from McNeil led to QP exit, says D'Entremont

Progressive Conservative MLA Chris d’Entremont says the Premier’s angry diversion tactics won’t stop him from standing up for taxpayers and fighting for a sustainable ferry service between Yarmouth and Maine.

After a heated exchange with the Premier during Question Period Tuesday, d’Entremont was asked to excuse himself from the legislative chamber, which he immediately did.

Arts: Time to vote in Shelburne County

Oct 26 deadline looms

It’s time. From October 23 to 26, voting is open to support Shelburne County’s own pitch to produce a CBC sitcom called “Scratch Tracks.”