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Halloween hit and run driver finally arrested

Steven Davis"Complicated" case, says RCMP
An unamed Shelburne man has been arrested for a Halloween night hit and run which left two men seriously injured in the hospital.

Minister says gutting Barrington community service office should have happened sooner

Decision "out of the "blue", says warden.
Minister breaks promise made in the legislature, says MLA

The Barrington Municipal Council is none to pleased about a decision by the Department of Community services to eliminate five child protection worker positions in the Barrington office

Opinion: Michel Samson's take on truthiness more entertaining than the soaps

Today's version: He admits to witholding funding info

Economic development minster Michel Samson seems to be changing his story on $2.5 million in Nova Star ferry funding more often than a teenage girl changes boyfriends.

Govt accountability needs fixing, says NDP

"Taxpayers should not be manipulated."

Preventing violence against girls & women - free White Ribbon lecture

Kate Bojin from White Ribbon will be in Yarmouth on Feb. 19th to speak on “Exploring our roles in preventing violence against women and girls in our community”.

The talk is sponsored by Juniper House and Chrysalis House, is funded by Status of Women Canada and is hosted by NSCC Burridge for providing the facilities for the events.

African Heritage Month preview in Greenville

The Hon Tony Ince drums a strong rhythm with master drummer Patrick Jarvis