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Younger "dropped the ball" on power rates, says d'Entremont

Younger, Liberals failing to deliver on promises of rate relief and jobs

Progressive Conservative Energy critic Chris d'Entremont says in a news release Thursday that he wants to know what Premier McNeil is going to do about his Energy Minister's recent missteps. 

Questions have been swirling regarding the competence of the Premier's cabinet and recent events prove the Energy Minister is no exception, says the release.

Marine Parks could be ideal for rural NS, say Eastern Shore activists

Network modeled on the British Columbian system floated in Nova Scotia for developing the province’s tourism economy.

Opinion: Bad decision by UARB on power rates

In its ruling today on Nov. 25, the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board has determined it will go to ratepayers to maximize recovery of Nova Scotia Power's unpaid fuel bill in the coming year. 

As a result, the reduction in power bills and savings the government argued for by removing the efficiency tax will be offset. Power bills will stay the same in 2015.

More sexual harassment claims on Hill possible as current claimants fear reprisals

The harassment allegations against two suspended Liberal MPs may just be the beginning as more damaging cases of a similar nature from all parties could come out in the coming months, says a veteran national political commentator.

Harper's "pre-paleolithic Neanderthals" must go, says Stephen Lewis


5-year prison term possible for pesticide supplier to Cooke Aquaculture

Banned in Canada, Cooke went to Maine for 72 gallons of deadly pesticide

Major signage project on tap for Shelburne

Possible $70,000 price tag for project

More mink stink in Nova Scotia

Canadian animal rights group, Fur Bearer Defenders, said in a news release that they have "given notice" to Nova Scotia’s Department of Agriculture about alleged violations of the Fur Farm Act of Nova Scotia as well as the Animal Protection Act.

Several fur farms were identified in the formal complaint, which highlighted clear and consistent problems with feces, urine and water pollution at and around fur farms.

Nova Scotia's tax regime 'unsustainable,' review says, urging reforms

Spending freeze, pollution tax, recommended