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Doors Open at New Family Health Centre in Bridgewater

A new health centre in Bridgewater will make it easier for people in the area to get the care they need, according to a government news release Friday.

Shelburne rocker needs support in CBC music poll

Vote early, vote often

Shelburne-born rocker Natalie Lynn is one of the semi-finalists in the CBC Searchlight competition for Canada's new, young stars.

Opinion: Mapping Nova Scotia's future

A recent opinion piece by Iaian Archibald, “Let’s map our way to excellence,” has sparked much conversation surrounding the idea of using mapping as a method of distinguishing Nova Scotia and, in turn, move us toward economic sustainability.

Iaian makes a number of great points in his article, including that Nova Scotia is a special place and that Nova Scotia has many assets that it can leverage. But as Iaian also stresses, we have to understand our assets and allow that information to be used by our citizens, our visitors, and our private sector in order to make it truly useful.

Hello bygone Yarmouth

Great Yarmouth nostalgia from Reg Goodwin

Jim Flaherty | 1950-2014

Former finance minister Jim Flaherty has died at the age 64, nearly a month after he stepped down from cabinet ahead of a planned move to the private sector.

Separated at birth?

New blood in Argyle-Barrington Liberal camp

Atkinson voted prez. "Right mix", new energy, experience.
The Argyle-Barrington Liberal Association recently had a change in the local riding executive.