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5-year prison term possible for pesticide supplier to Cooke Aquaculture

Banned in Canada, Cooke went to Maine for 72 gallons of deadly pesticide

Major signage project on tap for Shelburne

Possible $70,000 price tag for project

More mink stink in Nova Scotia

Canadian animal rights group, Fur Bearer Defenders, said in a news release that they have "given notice" to Nova Scotia’s Department of Agriculture about alleged violations of the Fur Farm Act of Nova Scotia as well as the Animal Protection Act.

Several fur farms were identified in the formal complaint, which highlighted clear and consistent problems with feces, urine and water pollution at and around fur farms.

Nova Scotia's tax regime 'unsustainable,' review says, urging reforms

Spending freeze, pollution tax, recommended

Boston ready for NS tree gift

Editorial: Another victory for white collar criminals

Court decision on Frank Anderson sends wrong message to white collar criminals


Ferry firm appears confused about winter routes, heads for Shelburne

According to an email Friday afternoon, the Nova Star cruise ferry is now slated to "depart Yarmouth, NS on Saturday morning, Nov. 15, for Shelburne, NS."

Free flu shots in Shelburne

Early immunization cautioned

No jail time - Anderson off the hook for multiple frauds

Judge Jim Burrill handed Yarmouth-based fraudster Frank Anderson what some believe amounts to a "slap on the wrist" for the former SWSDA chief's admitted serial frauds against federal agency ACOA.